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07 Jan

Tolerance is a kind of wealth

Publié par Andsasijegu

Tolerance is a kind of wealth


Suddenly, I was attracted by the view - a purple waterfalls, yes, that is a piece of violet, I quickly went up to him and just to catch a glimpse of its ground. Walked into, just see it "imperfections", tree lost its profusion, everywhere is knocked down in heavy rains petals, only a small piece of flower vine, I couldn't help but think in the heart, how beautiful he was before! Looking at the petals on the ground, his heart melted instantaneously, the petals abuse by how ah, some have been hit like mud, some of which have been incomplete, have gone forward along with the flow... It's no wonder that feel the ground also Dream beauty pro hard sell full of purple! Instantly and I smell a strong smell, I looked at the wooden cane, but shook his head, no, not out there. Finally, I fear of hope to the ground, so to the sight and a strong smell, my heart was unable to hold back... Ah! This is a kind of mind, had been cruel to play on the ground, the rain is still lingering fragrance, the tolerance shocked me...

Violet tolerance the behaviour of the rain, then release the fragrance, land tolerant seeds, so have the harvest, the sea tolerance the rivers, so have the vast and forgiving the sky clouds, so have a look, and if life tolerate everything, have the future.

"Step back and seasky, endure Dream beauty pro hard sell a calm", "gold no pure gold, no one is perfect. Tolerance is a kind of wealth, he taught me how to treat others, with this wealth of people will eventually have the whole world.

Abraham Lincoln said, "when we become friends, opponents don't exist", yes, in life will encounter a lot of enemies, others to fight for honor, status and wealth and the other a fight to the rat, both as a result, and some people have a heart of tolerance, the attack on you, if he saw no, two people eventually become friends, a former enemy disappeared. This is the power of forgiveness.

My sincere thanks to I can have Dream beauty pro hard sell the wealth of tolerance, I picked up a piece of broken flower petals, quietly on the nose, the brain is thinking about life, wander between nose breath, that is the taste of tolerance.

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