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26 Jun

Who dream broken loud and clear

Publié par Andsasijegu

Who dream broken loud and clear

Listen, who is with xiao "sing a song, bamboo sea, waning moon, oblique shadow, only owe a dream come true.

we always dream not ended, has lost the direction, has not lost what counts, rush to immersed in pain blame memories, who said the trade-off, ecological Fang Pingheng; Who would have said sorry to beauty; Who says is predestined friends the final goodbye?

"Early meet, only glance, looking back again, jigsaw puzzle is short of life" "for cardiac beauty to smile, to the best of the world city" and "who is short, high up, from now on Kings didn't toward" warriors, shows that drift in the wartime, to have a few the courage, can play governors, can will be love into a legend. "A day of sight, thinking like crazy", who will meet poetic interpretation, for a sweet soul, foggy and rainy in dancing, just about those who are gone with be immersed in love doomed to lose in the beginning, end, like a nightmare to roll.

If the acacia into sand, whether can flow from the fingers, I don't think so!!!! Otherwise, who will achievement sentimental li qingzhao, who will write the name of the excellent work, and who will be the thought of sorrow carved into the tablet?

The thought of sorrow like a mirage, the sad scenes, always want to forget this across the world of mortals, only has already been abandoned by the world of mortals, so spend remnants of broken dreams, tears can't tell who is who, red sleeve, the end of the world is difficult to send at both ends. Sealing the heart, lock the tears, his eyes filled with sad, in memories of the silent ChengLan, waiting for you on the horse and come, in the corner to meet their own life.

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