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30 Oct

Like to travel the university four years

Publié par Andsasijegu

Like to travel the university four years

If 12 years old that year, I grow up; When I was 20 years old, I mature; So, 24, I began to change you find online, it's about time...

Actually, I thought already in the bottom of the heart make good, no matter how, later I will be also can I live with my father mother good their 50, 60, seventy, eighty, ninety birthday. Don't pray for what, as long as a simple walk yourself's road, it is good! In the future, what are you waiting for?

Like listening to music, especially in the shin "backward" and wang zheng, "the more simple the more happy", the former has taught how to struggle, which is taught how to live.

Is to find the goals and direction of the heart, the unknown journey you find online. In every way, to see miss guy, want to see the offers, think to somalia. I said, want to put the final stop in the journey to Tibet, and this time, have a long way to go. Walking, a person; Has been on the road.

In the face of the "running of the four", and they knew that youth, just, ever too young. Beginning in the future, not the end of, have to!

, the last of the last, remind us of Nietzsche's that sentence "who will eventually acoustic shock outwards and will deeply since the silence for a long time, who will ignite the lightning Elomet, will be like a cloud for a long time." By high ideals!

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