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18 Nov

His smile always always make me feel at home.

Publié par Andsasijegu

Because of desire, I know, no matter what I can't move him. Cannot be touched by a period of years of vicissitudes of life. His indifference, as the years old, real and powerless. I don't need to ask what, besides abiding miss life. I love him, I don't know. Maybe love, maybe is love to despair, like has had a terminal illness, in addition to smile with the advent of the death, not a miracle. Those memories are real, the warmth of embrace also remember. I like old, like a vicissitudes of the old man thought his younger days the death of a loved one. With a smile, sweet, some disappointed, too.

Then think of him for a long long time and is the way he smiles. Every time I think of when he became the one call, only for him. Heart is not painful, perhaps he would have tired of the term, turned to others like calling me to shout out. When I laugh, sneer, but tears unwillingly. Is the man in years of separation, separation habits early in life.

If you can't have, then let me see, in the mind to be able to match the distance, can conceal sadness. If it is not occasionally sad, I will forget a heartache. Because of a trace, because a period of years, one day will suspect that is true. Breathing moment suddenly remind of, so can't help to tears, as if the man is the most painful, silent crying, to be to tired. In fact this memory, this period of time, not to whine. Perhaps because of persistent, perhaps is selfish. Dream turn round, turn round to ask himself yesterday, can't forget. If forget, that love dearly unpredictable, and fall down, moment is empty, no temperature, cold and calm.

Hui will hurt, I'm not a clever woman, but why always have this or that kind of sad, maybe is really "innocence is the virtue for women"? Recently saw a "happy woman don't write," yes, happy woman don't write, because there are so many happy things in waiting for her to do, and lovers hand in hand under the setting sun, warm warm on lover's shoulder, feel the endless happiness taste, because there is no sad, natural won't get a pen to write these if if no sad words, because never lonely, so I will not write down the words related to sad.

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