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Strong MaiMiaoEr as thinks a root grow

Publié par Andsasijegu

Strong MaiMiaoEr as thinks a root grow

Outside the home, to the nature, came to the city park, came to the rural outskirts, in order to breathe fresh air, to worry, to boost the spirit, expand their horizons, to travel to free to walk in the garden, relax and have fun and get new knowledge. I did not have the idea? I know that in March compared with the early spring in February, although there is no clear dividing line, but also can distinguish between the two, first signs:

When ChunYang shine, it is increased with temperature, and not dazzling, but a radiant, shine in the lazy people, like covered with a layer of gold, just feel warm; Shining in the vast sky, I saw all the sunlight to penetrate cloud fog, feel fine, high kuang and blue; Shines on the mountains and rivers earth, a split, seeding everything, showing a thriving, progresses day reneex by day!

When the spring breeze the earth, it blew from distant and sea surface, blowing from the tropic of Capricorn warm north. It woke up the sleeping a winter of the grass, in crevices drill out from the soil, grow green rootzone mau lush sheng; Blow green hongze lake shore willow, drift of leaf, ana varied; Through the mountains and rivers of the motherland thousands of wooden sprouting, rivers of splendid, person; Blow in people's faces, has not cold, just feel warm, this is what people "blow face not cold the wind in the willows" as the saying goes!

Sow the land, the spring rain is really "good rain season, when spring is occurs, the wind into night, moistens everything silently"! In the field, strong MaiMiaoEr as thinks a root grow; Golden rape like spring gu face smiling; All kinds of vegetables in farmers worked hard like while the channeling the; and constantly market listed everyday, to ensure the normal supply of urban and rural residents "vegetable basket". Even the urban and rural reneex residents, government officials, such as organizing students to also rob in this march golden season, and ensure the survival rate of one hundred percent!

When the spring flowers of the earth, peach, apricot, plum trees, flower branches, the wind tree lost its, you won't let me, I won't let you, was full of flowers to be in time for harbinger. Blossoming cherry blossoms, Chinese rose, peony, wheatgrass demon, ZhuZhu red like fire, as white as snow, if can is gold, attract swarms of bees, they hum, suck honey, an endless stream; Made a pair of butterflies dancing, across it, hovering. "Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, and the thousand critics, pear tree to open", "spring scenery infinite good in March, and the land chrysanthemum is sweet"...

When heart jing shake the earth, a dormant winter best insect, unearthed from wild animals and wild, such as the rat snake out of the hole, crow dogs, just like dragons rising; Birds chirp as fairy, 2:00 empty birds, like joy, the helicopter strike force, yanqi wetlands. Such as pond fish flew again surfaced, towards light reneex into the water, free, floating, attracting numerous fishermen intently staring at the bait, fish float rod capture ShangGouZhe move immediately, this is how carefree comfortable calm!

In march, the park, "a single flower does not make a spring, flowers in full bloom in the spring garden". The square, "kite on a string, the septuagenarian zhi sou" child's play "; Open, "square dance everywhere, men and women, old and young, exercise". Fields, "people bustling and horses neighing early spring planting, fertilizing soil preparation busy production"; In the city, "the school according to the plan, authorities in order to work, factory production task, enterprise management by bat; old city reconstruction in speeding up, the scientific urban management day by day; do" China dream "shenzhou qi, race against time working". In short, in this march, people will always keep in mind the "spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening" and "spring, and summer for" the old adage, at the same time do a good job in agricultural production, all walks of life, one billion three hundred million people, all want to know "an inch of time an inch of gold, an inch of gold will not buy inch of time" precious little time as gold, as long as it is sometimes and tide wait for no man "seize every minute," the spirit of, have the courage to "love spell will win", down-to-earth, pragmatic working, will be in accordance with the "four" comprehensive strategic layout, to realize "two one hundred" the goal of the Chinese dream and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Ah, in March, are you a voice in the early spring in February passing the baton, a firm foundation for late April to move forward and paving stone, in this picturesque spring beautiful days, I'm proud of immersive empathy, is proud of its arms while enjoy the happiness, let's go on into the spring into the spring scenery together to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery!

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